Shroom Shot – It’s Even More Than You Think

Shroom Shot – It’s Even More Than You Think

Shroomshot is so much more than a mushroom shot. Packed with other superfoods such as turmeric, pineapple, and blueberry juice–each formula is built around a particular type of mushroom in order to enhance its benefits. These synergistic elixirs are crafted to deliver clean focus, mental clarity, and boost your immunity.

Founded a year and a half ago by two brothers on different career paths, their individual experiences with psilocybin mushrooms opened both of their minds to the benefits of mushrooms, and most importantly, to the idea that food is medicine. Then, Shawn began foraging mushrooms and fermenting live-cultured foods, and Justin started learning about soil. They decided to join forces to start Shroomshot.

We sat down with Shawn and Justin in Los Angeles to talk about distilling ancient knowledge into a potent package to enhance our lives today.

Delic: Why did you start Shroomshot?



Before I tried psilocybin mushrooms, mushrooms were pretty much just a topping on a pizza or a food that I bought at the store. My experiences with psilocybin, however, made me aware of the benefits of mushrooms for emotional and mental health. Then, I started foraging plants, fungi, and all sorts of things and learning from people that had been doing it for decades. I came across the Turkey tail mushrooms and started making teas and tinctures out of it and sharing it with all my friends. We all felt the impact of it during cold or flu season, and I saw that it really worked. 

At the same time, I became interested in fermentation: kombucha, yogurts, sauerkraut, Keifer, etc. The more I dove into that world, the more I wanted to be involved in some capacity. So I left my job, and I joined a superfood company that specialized in fermenting foods. That was the spark for creating Shroom Shots. There’s a great synergy between the probiotics and mushrooms. I wanted to bring mushrooms and fermentation together into a product and offer it to the world.

Justin: I was an entrepreneur, living up in Humboldt County in Northern California which has a strong marijuana culture. Getting into that taught me about a lot about plants, but more so about soils, bacteria in the soil, and how everything is interconnected. Psilocybin mushrooms also opened my mind to understand that food is medicine. So when Shawn called me and told me there were gems in the forest; mushrooms that were under-utilized, I jumped in. 

Delic: Why did you start with Turkey Tail mushrooms and Lion’s Mane?

Shawn: There’s a lot of cutting edge research coming out about the benefits of Lion’s Mane for mental and cognitive health. People are taking it now for anything related to neuropathy. So there’s a lot of promise for those with damaged neurons, for example, as we see in Alzheimer’s and dementia. There’

s been a lot of studies showing real benefits for memory, spatial awareness, mental recall, and mental performance in general.


Justin: As far as the Turkey tail mushroom, it’s amazing for the immune system and widely used throughout Asia. There are

published clinical trials indicating that it helps your body to produce more white blood cells, which can help fight viruses, infections, colds, and flus. And you can forge it in almost every country.

Delic: What makes your product unique? 

Justin: When we started looking at the market, we found a lot of watered-down beverages or supplements with fillers in it. We saw an isolated approach, which to us reflected the monoculture of our society today. We wanted to take it back to a holistic approach. We decided to create a product that integrated adaptogens, mushrooms, probiotics, etc. all fused together to create like a powerful elixir.

Shawn:  Our mushrooms grow organically outdoors in a valley in the middle of a forest. They’re being exposed to all the elements and challenges immunologically, which prompts them to produce certain enzymes and chemicals that are beneficial to us. A lot of companies, unfortunately, are growing them in sterile laboratories or on grains where they’re not getting the same light and nutrients. So, they’re not producing what we want from them. Ours grow outdoors, on wood, which is important because they’re getting the full complex of nutrients that they would get out in the wild. When you’re eating a mushroom, you’re not just eating it but also its food source. 

Delic: There are mushrooms that we can trip on but also that can enhance our regular life. And there are so many plants and fungi out there with all sorts of benefits that we have not discovered yet…

Shawn: If you about how many applications there are for plants, there are at least six times the species of fungi. Think about all the possible applications for mushrooms. There’s a whole world out there, and we’re just touching the tip of the iceberg for what they can be used for.

Delic: Plus, when we think about the supplements and vitamins we take, we’re supposed to get those from our food… 

Justin: Again, we see food as medicine. We’re trying to move away what modern medicine has become: the chemicals, the pills, and reactive treatments.  We’re only now starting to validate through science what they’ve known for millennia which is that It’s simple;

Nature has provided what we need to be healthy, thriving individuals. Our ancestors used mushrooms for thousands of years. mushrooms contain numerous compounds that can be of benefit to everyone. So we’re bringing back what’s already been used into the best quality product that we can make.