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Plant Alchemy – Jetlag Remedy



We all know the feeling. The excitement of a new adventure, a trip into the unknown to expand your worldview and uncover parts of yourself in a world yet undiscovered. And then…..jetlag. Better known as “time zone change syndrome”, when the circadian rhythms in your body are disrupted by traveling across multiple time zones. Symptoms can include difficulty sleeping, lethargy, and irritability. But fear not! Plant Alchemy has a remedy for this syndrome, a powerful blend of herbal medicine including nine organic herbs and raw honey for a 100% organic and gluten free product. With Jetlag Remedy, time is on your side. Explore more and journey onward.


Additional Information

Avena Sativa, Ginkgo Biloba, Skullcap, Motherwort, Chinese Motherwort, Passion Flower, Olive Leaf, Ashwagandha, Blue Vervain, and Raw Honey.

Additional information

Take 1 dropperful 4x per day, or as needed. For rapid absorption, take sublingually by allowing the drops to rest under your tongue for 15-30 seconds. Made under the watchful stewardship of herbalist Megan Gurule out of Washington State's Herbal Moon Apothecary, a small family business located in the lush woodlands of the Pacific Northwest. This product is 100% organic and gluten-free.