It’s Time to Meet Your Blanket Soulmate

Light-hearted and chic–Jessica Green is devoted to bringing the most beautiful upgraded blankets into the world. Never imagining that her life would take such a path, but having always had a trusted blanket by her side, she found herself in a predicament. Wanting to give her daughter a beautiful blanket that would last her a lifetime–the best blanket ever–she found that no one made it. So she said, “Screw it.” And did it herself. Along the way she just happened to stumble into the 1700 mill that makes the Queen of England’s blankets. 

To say that Jessica is committed to quality is an understatement. Using the finest of natural fibers such as wool and cashmere, every piece is truly a rare gift. When you’re on your journey to finding your natural self, you want to bring the natural world in around you. Natural fibers are not only better for the environment and the supply chain, but also for your health–built to last. Even the bespoke dying technique used to make the exclusive blankets in the shop is rare. “You’re never going to see a JG Switzer item that’s made out of a synthetic anything,” Jessica Green told us. “I have a background in sustainability.”

JG Switzer believes that everyone needs a quality blanket to accompany them through life. That dedication shows in the way that Jessica Green naturally and attentively takes care of her customers, though she calls them patrons. “This is something that we’d like people to keep and love forever.” For the Delic tribe, we have exclusive pieces that you can’t get anywhere else. Upgrade your journey with a blanket of the utmost quality to accompany you to infinity and beyond. A friend ‘till the end. 

It’s time to meet your blanket soulmate. 

JG Switzer: I didn’t even set out to redefine luxury or have any lofty goal. I wanted to bring a really beautiful blanket, an heirloom blanket, into the world. It was a simple quest. I’m a blanket girl. When I left for college, I was given a blanket. When I was doing the backpacking thing around Europe in my 20’s, I took my blanket with me. (She’s a well-traveled blanket.) I’m in my mid 50’s, and I still sleep with her. When I couldn’t find the blanket for my daughter, I didn’t sow, but I started dreaming. What if we brought the heirloom blanket back, but we made grandma’s blanket sexy?

I ended up tracking down what I thought was the finest cloth in the world to make blankets in this mill from the 1700s in England. They supply the cloth and cashmere as we have cashmere and lamb’s wool lining in our Delic fur blankets. All of our blankets are woolen blends. It is hard to get woolen blends that have this fine merino, which is, in fact, very soft. Very few people in the world do it. In any case, we shouldn’t think of wool as this scratchy, hot fabric. 

The Delic: How should we think of it?

JG: Wool is antimicrobial and it’s antibacterial. It doesn’t mold, and it’s flame retardant, which is why people used to say, “Throw a blanket on a fire.” That is, of course, one that is 100% natural wool. It’s one of nature’s most extraordinary fibers. It actually regulates your body temperature.

The Delic: What?!

JG: Think about the sheep. They have to lug all that wool around in hot weather and protect themselves from the elements when it’s cold. Nature’s had thousands of years to perfect it. Why go to a lab and reinvent what nature’s already figured out? It’s extraordinary.

The next thing I knew, the mill was willing to do the bespoke dying. Our black, which is in the Delic blankets, is especially dyed black for us. There’s no other black fabric like it in the world. Since I’m doing small batches of all of our pieces, I have local seamstresses. We keep a close eye on quality by keeping everything local and in our workshop. We sew everything here, in northern California, ourselves. Then, I found this fur, the Unforbidden fur. 

The Delic: We have it, we love it. 

JG: I’ve had so many people grab my fur when they come and visit it in person. They literally grab it out of my hand and hug it. I love that. Humans just respond to natural fibers more.

The Delic: It’s made from upcycled scraps?

JG: I’d been looking for it for many, many years. I had found a similar type of blanket cloth in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey but finally tracked down this company. They were making it by piecing together high-end leather gloves. That’s what we make. All of this is Toscana, which is a fancy way of saying Spanish sheep.

I call it fur you can feel good about because otherwise, they’re just wasted products. It’s got a wonderful, warm, and authentic feel. Once you go natural fiber, you can’t go back. It feels so much better against your skin, it’s better for the planet, and natural fibers are recyclable. I mean, you can literally compost some of our things because it’s all-natural fiber. I can’t even handle synthetics.

The Delic: Are most things synthetic now? 

JG: Absolutely. I’ve been looking at different industries for many years. One of the last industries to embrace sustainability is home goods. Everything from the upholstery to pillows to what we sleep is synthetic. It’s not a natural material. It’s really important to bring in natural fibers into your home. 

The Delic: How is it better for the environment?

JG: It’s better on all levels of the value chain and supply chain to work with natural fibers from cradle to cradle–beginning to end. It’s better for the planet for many reasons, and wool is a high-performance fiber, so you’re not going to need to keep repurchasing. Nature has had millions of years to perfect these fibers. The lifespan of a polyester blanket? 5 or 10 years? Something made out of a natural fiber like our wool blankets is going to last multiple generations. It’s almost a lifetime guarantee. I mean, I’m giving my stepdaughter her grandparent’s wool blanket. 

The Delic: Built to last.

JG: Yes. This is what happens when somebody sets out to create something for somebody that they love. I didn’t build any profit models, I didn’t set up any cost of goods, I didn’t figure out any damn business plan. I just went for it.

The amazing thing is–the right people find them. We seem to be found by people who want to give us as a gift. Jackee, the founder of Delic, learned about us as the third gift recipient of a JG Switzer item. I just love that. It’s worth creating things that will last a great length of time and be shared by many generations. The Japanese think that things have a soul after 100 years. My blankets might have to wait 100 years before they have a soul, but they might someday. 

The Delic: What an amazing intention– to put soul into it.

JG: A lot of blanket people have come out of the closet since I’ve started. I’ve even met people who have had part of their heirloom blanket sewn into their wedding gown! 

The Delic: Wow.

JG: People have really strong feelings about their blankets. 

The Delic: (laughter) How does a psychedelic lifestyle align with your ethos? 

JG: I feel like psychedelics give us an opportunity to open up to new forms of beauty and learn new things about ourselves and our place in the world. I can’t think of anything more important. If you can see and identify beauty that exists in front of you, then it opens your heart up to find other people that also seek beauty. 

The Delic: Blanket people of the world, step forward, come out of the closet!

JG: Exactly. We could be like tarot cards, where nobody buys it for themselves. You’d just gift it forward to somebody. It’d be a great way to go.