Myco Meditations

Myco Meditations
City: Treasure Beach
Country: Jamaica
Description: MycoMeditations, which runs legal psilocybin-assisted retreats in Jamaica for individuals seeking personal growth, is fast becoming a world leader in the evolving fields of psychedelic therapy and wellness tourism. Its success is driven by its commitment to providing a safe yet life-changing and life-affirming experience to its clients in beautiful natural settings on “the island in the sun”, guided by expert facilitators and mental health professionals. In bringing a diverse skill set and deep knowledge base to its retreats, MycoMeditations offers a professional and personalized experience, all the while investing in the local Jamaican community. Since it began operating in 2014 with its unique psilocybin retreat protocol, MycoMeditations has helped hundreds of people process deep-rooted issues that hold them back in their lives. In so doing it is charting a path forward for a groundbreaking new model of mental health care.
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