Bluestone Ayahuasca
City: Cancun
State: Quintana Roo
Country: Mexico
Description: We are a family, a tribe of the soul and we hail from all over the Americas. We work in English and in Spanish. The person organizing the retreat is an American who has lived for over 40 years in Latin America, the last 10 working with Ayahuasca and Huachuma in both Peru and Mexico. She speaks your language and with many of you she shares a culture.
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Holos Global
City: Mill Valley
Country: usa
Description: At Holos, our mission it to help support people in experiencing a new way of being in oneself, in relationships, and in the world, through education, community, and sacred plant medicine experiences. We operate in the most beautiful places on earth, where the local ecology, cultures, and knowledge is respected and incorporated into the centers. We choose locations at the edge of wilderness, where privacy and nature-immersion are paramount.
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Nimea Kaya Healing Center
City: Pucallpa
Country: Peru
Description: The Nimea Kaya Healing Center is devoted to the collective healing of Mother Earth and humanity. In the Shipibo language, Nimea Kaya signifies Spirit of the Jungle. We are dedicated in helping individuals achieve life transformative change and expansion. We offer 9 Day Ayahuasca Retreats with 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies with traditional Shipibo Healers in the Peruvian Amazon. We also have founded a non-profit, Selva Spirit Association, where we are able to give back to the surrounding communities through a variety of programs.
Pachamama Temple
City: Pucallpa
Country: Peru
Description: Pachamama Temple is a Traditional Ayahuasca Healing Center located in Pucallpa, Peru. We offer 7 and 12 day Ayahuasca Retreats led by experienced Shipibo shamans who work together with carefully selected and skilled western facilitators. We provide a genuine, caring and safe environment for Guests who want to work with this sacred medicine. The Temple also offers longer stays for those who are interested in a more in-depth study of the medicine and Shipibo culture.
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Paititi Institute
City: Calca
Country: peru
Description: Through all of our programs, we dedicate our efforts to supporting a society of deep, nurturing and true values. We serve as an intercultural bridge, supporting individuals and communities to live activated, responsible and joyful lives in harmony with both inner and outer landscapes. As humans, we are inexorably linked to the earth and each other. As part of this magnificent symbiotic organism, we are dedicated to co-creating the enlightened world we all have in our hearts.
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Soltara Healing Center
City: Playa Blanca
State: Punternas
Country: Costa Rica
Description: Our mission is to bridge this gap between head and heart for those who seek it. In a world of increasing disconnection from ourselves, our earth, our history, and each other, we aim to find balance by providing an authentic, safe, and loving space for each individual, no matter their background, to get in touch with their truth. We are honored to serve medicine in sacred ceremony, empower our guests with knowledge and tools to continue their journey back home, raise cultural awareness, and continue our cherished duty as stewards and caretakers of our Earth. We feel that by healing ourselves first, aligning our past experiences and future actions with deep purpose and meaning, we can become true beacons of light and affect positive change in our lives and our world.
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Spirit Plant Journeys
City: Huaran, Sacred Valley, Cusco,
Country: Peru
Description: Spirit Plant Journeys is a safe, experienced and transformative Ayahuasca Retreat nestled in the Peruvian Andes, created to help you open your heart, look within, and awaken to a new way. We offer intimate retreats with small groups in which we closely guide you through your journey within. We provide a healing space for you to acknowledge your truth; to feel, express, allow and transform.
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The Ayahuasca Foundation
City: Iquitos
Country: Peru
Description: We are a Peruvian non-profit organization that offers two and three week healing retreats at our healing center located inside a National Reserve in the Amazon Rainforest, eight week curandero initiation courses at a remote jungle school for traditional healing, and eight day retreats and four week empowerment courses at our new research center.