Magnesium Spray, the Natural Way, from Plant Alchemy

Magnesium Spray, the Natural Way, from Plant Alchemy

In 2018, Plant Alchemy was conceived as a premium offering of branded CBD and botanical formulations, perfectly aligned with the mission of The Alchemist’s Kitchen, to provide trusted products from seed to source, as well as expert product education via a resident network of trained herbalists and integrated medicine practitioners.

They work with the finest herbalists who produce high-quality botanical medicines, herbal remedies, and whole plant beauty products. Plant Alchemy’s all-natural magnesium spray is no exception and a must for all those seeking to upgrade their journey–no matter where you’re going. Topically, it works wonders for jaw tension, headaches, and muscle aches. 

We spoke to Plant Alchemy’s head herbalist about this essential mineral and their Magnesium Spray–how it works, why it’s good for your health, and what makes Plant Alchemy’s formulation optimum. 


Live your best life with the undeniable power of this mineral!


The Delic: How is your magnesium spray made?

Plant Alchemy: Generally, magnesium is made in two ways; synthetically, or it’s extracted from spring water because it is high in minerals. Obviously, you always want the natural way. Our magnesium is derived from spring water.

How it’s made is relatively simple. Once the source of the magnesium is located, it’s boiled very high and then dropped to a low temperature. What you end up getting is something called “magnesium flakes.” That is then made into a liquid by adding water or melting it down.

The Delic: What is magnesium good for?

Plant Alchemy: Magnesium is one of the top four minerals along with iron, calcium, and zinc that your body needs. They are loaded in your Pedialytes and rehydrating drinks, for example.

Magnesium, specifically, is used for muscles and relaxation. A lot of people are used to taking magnesium internally. That has its benefits, especially for people who have chronic ailments and need specific dosages. Additionally, you may have heard of “milk of magnesia?” It is used as a laxative because it promotes regularity. That’s another effect. Overall, it calms you down and relaxes muscles at proper dosages and at proper formulation. 

The most neutral way to use magnesium, however, is topical. It absorbs really well.

The Delic: Is there anything special about your magnesium spray’s formulation?

Plant Alchemy: It’s a hexahydrate formula. That’s a complicated chemistry term that essentially means that there are six parts of water for every one part of magnesium. It has a better absorption rate that way, hence a better bioavailability rate. That being said, as far as spraying it on for muscle pain, magnesium and calcium kind of compete, not in a negative way, but in a positive, natural way in the body. The calcium causes your muscles to contract, and magnesium helps the muscles to relax.

The Delic: Can you talk a little about what magnesium does in the body? 

Plant Alchemy: When you have a depletion of magnesium, that’s where cramping comes from. That’s why adding magnesium helps muscle aches. As far as relaxation, there’s something called glutamate, which is an excitatory neurochemical. When you need energy and more pep in your step, it’s useful. Too much of it, however, will make you feel anxious or overstimulated. Magnesium acts as an antagonist. It keeps the glutamate in check, so it helps maintain an equilibrium in your brain. That’s how it relaxes you. It’s not the same thing as taking a sedative.

The Delic: When you say sedative, what are you referring to on the common market?

Plant Alchemy: Magnesium is relaxing you, not sedating you. It’s the difference between taking a hot bath versus taking a Benadryl.

The Delic: Any additional effects besides relaxation?

Plant Alchemy: The only thing that people have reported is itchiness. That may mean that you’re depleted, so it’s getting absorbed much quicker. If you’re experiencing that, you’re probably deficient in magnesium.

The Delic: Topical magnesium also works so effectively against headaches.

Plant Alchemy: It competes with Excedrin, which is big to say. If you’ve ever seen the commercials or the research on it, it’s the number one over-the-counter migraine medication recommended by neurologists. The fact that magnesium competes with it is impressive.

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