5 Little Known Enhancements For Your Next Journey

5 Little Known Enhancements For Your Next Journey

The first rule of journeying is safety- always consult a physician and your location’s applicable laws to understand your unique circumstance- but if you are seeking to take your psychedelic experience to a higher level, here’s 5 under-the-radar ways to make your next journey extraordinary. 

#1- Nootropics 

Think of nootropics like the 1st cousin of psychedelics. Nootropics are nutrients that can massively enhance mental performance for the better: things like creativity, mood, focus, and observational skills. They’re also excellent for overall brain health with anti-inflammatory properties. 

When combined with some plant medicines- cannabis and psilocybin in particular- many report extraordinary enhancements to creative capacity and insight. The most comprehensive nootropic formulas on the market are widely regarded to be the Qualia line of products from Neurohacker Collective which start at just $34.50 for a month supply. 

They can be found by clicking HERE, and enter coupon code THEDELIC at checkout for an additional 15% off. They’re a great enhancement to overall mental performance even on journey-free days, and can elevate journeying itself into stunning new landscapes of thought. 


#2- Water Immersion

First, the obvious qualifier. Don’t enter a body of water of a depth or journeying intensity that could jeopardize your safety. That said, countless people report an incredible appreciation for being partially immersed in warm water during a light journey. 

Whether it’s simply taking a shower, or an evening dip in the shallow end of a heated pool, the sensation of water on the body can take on extraordinarily new senses of play and relaxation when coupled with a responsible dose of psychedelica. 


#3- Frisbee (No Really)

A lot of high intensity, high contact sports don’t sound like much fun while journeying, but for a social journey on a pleasant sunny day, the slow, surreal hovering of a frisbee’s flight takes on a particularly cool aesthetic!  

In fact many report mastering their ability to accurately throw and track a frisbee when extra entranced by the object in this state. Add in a furry friend as your retriever for a great physical activity during a light trip when your human friends aren’t available. 


#4- Learn An Instrument! 

You’ve always wanted to play an instrument but always over-thought the process. The beauty of psychedelics is they enhance our acuity for sound, and how our actions on an instrument create those sounds. For many the intimidation falls away, and the fun and playful sense of discovery increases, resulting in the beginnings of honing sound creation with an instrument.

Particularly well-suited for psychedelic learning are instruments like the piano and guitar. That’s because these instruments already have clean notes that can be plucked or pressed, instead of an instrument like a violin or sax that take expertise in even making a steady note. 

Engage one of these instruments that are easier to initially play, and see if your altered mental state guides your creativity on them in a new and powerful way!


#5- Heal A Relationship 

Some of our highest points of empathy occur while journeying. In that state, we can see someone we’ve been in conflict with, through a more empathetic lens than normal, and our love for them can transcend our prideful grudge towards them. While a face to face meeting with an active conflict may not be the best use of a journey, writing a heartfelt email or sending a healing text in that state can capture the best of your mind and heart, and show up in an active conflict that you might not have the vulnerability to approach well in any other state.

Experience the beauty of your next journey not only improving your heart and mind, but improving the dynamics of a strained relationship you have with someone, while in a warm state of connection and expression. 

These 5 tips can prime your brain health, prime your environment for fun interaction while journeying, and can even have lasting benefits in your creative and social life long after the journey is over. 

Keep them in mind, and share this article with a friend you think could use some of these tips to make the most of their future journeys!