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Delic is destigmatizing psychedelics for a mainstream audience by redefining what is psycheDELIC. 

At Delic, we use creative, data-driven marketing techniques to synthesize dense psychedelic science into easy to consume bites. With a focus on high art, we use visuals to express complex ideas about what it means to be human. We have our finger on the pulse of psychedelic culture. From news to music to contextual shopping, we are your premium source for all things psychedelic.  

Delic advocates publishing fact-based truths about plant-based substances for the betterment of everyone. But we also know that plant-based substances are not the only way to experience a psychedelic state.

Delic is made up of free thinkers and disrupters. We produce webzines, contextual shopping platforms, large scale lifestyle events, and a print publication. We partner with the most recognizable names in psychedelic science and research. We embody a legacy of experienced scientists, artists, and renegades within the field.

  • Delic Corp: The first ever psychedelic corporation. Imagine the possibilities!
    • Established 2018
  • The Delic: Our flagship web platform offering you premium content from psychedelic, art, science, news, and culture.
  • RealitySandwich.com: A webzine for the seasoned consumer of psychedelic culture who is ready for more adventures in consciousness. Wise about where we’ve been. Excited about where we’re going. No longer a part of the counter culture; you are nurturing the new wave of mindful evolution. One bite at a time. 
    • Re-launching August | 2019
  • Meet Delic: Our flagship event series promoting next generation ideas in psychedelic science, art and culture
    that you won’t find anywhere else.
    • Come Meet Delic 2020 | Los Angeles |California

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